DISMARC reveals large amounts of under-exposed European cultural, scientific and scholarly music audio. Content providers – archives, broadcasters, museums, universities, research institutes, private collectors – can now open up their collections to the wider world. DISMARC presents invaluable, European-owned, culturally-significant, original music audio and music-related material from the early 20th century until today. Audio is searchable, discoverable and, where the content owner provides access to audio, listenable.

DISMARC offers a solution to a problem inherited from an earlier, analogue age. Thematic searching in Europe’s catalogues needs separate ‘visits’ to each archive. Archives have created data cataloguing systems which are not interoperable, broadcasters have never addressed the issue. DISMARC collects metadata from participating archives, maps it to a DISMARC, Europeana-compliant protocol, and stores it securely. By browsing DISMARC, users are able to search all participating archives and collections simultaneously.

DISMARC users are archives, broadcasters, content aggregators, download platforms, educational publishers, general public, media, performing artists, record companies, researchers, students, schoolchildren... and more.

Objectives, Consortium and Sustainability.