Archives and individuals are both invited to participate in DISMARC/Europeana:

We invite all interested archives to participate in the DISMARC project by allowing their content to be searchable via the Europeana portal. There are many benefits for a participating archive, including increased exposure/use of content, multi-lingual simultaneous searching, the creation of a free, on-line content catalogue, elevated funding possibilities at national and international level and more.

Your access to this global platform is via the DISMARC Starter Kit and introductory note. Intended to be as user-friendly as possible, it contains DISMARC FAQs covering technical, administrative and legal aspects of the joining process, as well as an Assignment for Use whereby participating archives give permission for their content to be aggregated by DISMARC/Europeana and in turn discovered by the rest of the world.

Alternatively, you can make your initial contact using the form below.

Individuals are also invited to participate:

The Dismarc Portal contains many items which may benefit from your knowledge. Recent cases include descendants of long-dead composers and musicians discovering unknown works and adding details to these items via the 'feedback' link in the Portal. You can also opt to receive the (infrequent) DISMARC newsletter to be informed of developments. Please tick the box below to be added to the list.